Sharm elSheikh

Yalla Habibi,
Let us introduce you to the Jewel of the Red Sea:
Located on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, Sharm El Sheikh is a city that beautifully merges the stark desert landscapes of Egypt with the crystal-clear waters of the Red Sea.
Well-known for its lush coral reefs, sandy beaches, and vibrant nightlife, Sharm El Sheikh is a destination that caters to a wide array of interests, making it a perfect spot for any type of traveler.

Destination And acTIVITIES

Ras Mohammed National Park

The Ras Mohammed National Park is a must-visit for anyone traveling to Sharm El Sheikh. It’s Egypt’s first and most famous national park, known for its dazzling coral reefs and teeming marine life.
Visitors can snorkel or dive to explore the underwater world, or hike the trails to see the park’s unique desert and mountain landscapes.

Nabq Protected Area

Another jewel of Sharm El Sheikh is the Nabq Protected Area, a unique coastal and desert ecosystem that hosts a wide range of flora and fauna.
It’s a perfect spot for bird watching, hiking, and exploring the mangrove forests.

El Sahaba Mosque

One of the city’s most significant cultural landmarks is the El Sahaba Mosque, located in the Old Market district.
This beautiful mosque, with its intricate Islamic architecture, is a center for the local Muslim community and a must-visit for those interested in religious and cultural experiences.
Its towering minaret offers an impressive view of the city, especially at sunset.

Diving and Snorkeling

The city is known as one of the best diving destinations in the world. The Red Sea holds an abundance of marine life, including a variety of tropical fish and vibrant coral reefs.
Diving schools and equipment rentals are abundant, making it easy for everyone to enjoy.
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Boat Tours

If you prefer to stay on the water’s surface, consider a glass-bottom boat tour, which allows you to enjoy the underwater scenery without getting wet. 
Sailing and yacht trips are also popular activities, offering a chance to enjoy the beauty of the Red Sea at your own pace.


Sharm El Sheikh’s vibrant nightlife is another reason tourists flock to this city. 
From beach parties to sophisticated cocktail bars, there is something for everyone.

Old Market

The Old Market is the place to go if you want to shop for traditional Egyptian goods. From spices and perfumes to jewelry and textiles, you can find everything here.
Sharm El Sheikh is more than just a beach resort. 
With its diverse offerings, from natural wonders and water sports to vibrant nightlife and cultural experiences, it truly is a destination with something for everyone. 
Join us today and embark on a journey through time in this captivating city.

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